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Hi, I'm Siân aka Twirling Narwhal. I've always enjoyed baking starting with making my nans Welsh cakes when I was little with her. When I met my husband back in 2005 I realised there wasn't enough nice tasting vegan goods that taste just like the dairy and egg fuelled versions so I started baking even more, fast forwards 16 years and I am now ready to share my baked goods with everyone else. 

Why Twirling Narwhal you may ask? Narwhals to me are one of the most amazing animals around, they don't seem like they should be real but yet they are, a real mythical being hiding away in the arctic and don't all whales just look like they are happily twirling away in the ocean :)

I will be selling cupcakes for local collection in Benson, South oxfordshire and traybakes, blondies and brownies by post to the rest of the UK.

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