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All bakes contain SOYA and GLUTEN and MAY CONTAIN NUTS. Because all items are made in my home, nuts are very much present so I cannot guarantee it is completely nut free, therefore all my goods are not suitable for nut allergy sufferers. As I am a vegan baker and not an allergy baker some products I use carry a may contain warning eg. Certain biscuits have a may contain notice because of cross contamination. If you have a certain allergy please let me know so we can find which bakes are suitable for you. Unfortunately at this moment in time I will not be offering gluten free until I find a recipe I am completely happy with 🙂


My whole family is vegan so all my items are Vegan and free from eggs and dairy, however, some items like my chocolate brownies carry a may contain milk warning due to the manufacturing methods used with the chocolate chips  :)


Keep the baked goods in their packaging at room temperature and enjoy within 3 days. They can also be frozen for up to 3 months but are best used within 4 weeks. Simply wrap in foil and pop in a lunchbox or freezer bag, make sure you write the date on the front so you remember when you froze it then defrost on a plate at room temperature :)


On my shop the items are named by the week beginning that the goods will be sent by. All items will be sent on a Tuesday or a Thursday. If you have a preference of date please contact me and I'll try and accommodate it. Add in the comments box whether you want sprinkles or not :) Local collection avaliable from -
Benson, Oxfordshire
make sure you add collectbenson into the dicount box for a discount

Do you use single use plastic?

No, I am very passionate about saving our planet so I only use packaging that can be recycled. Everything can be recycled including our cake boards, boxes and bags that contain your treats, in fact our bags can also be put in your food waste bin as they are compostable or are biodegradable if they do accidentally make their way into the usual bin.

What can be posted?

Everything can be posted except for cupcakes and celebration cakes as you don't want your birthday cake squashed by posties :) this includes Brownies, Blondies, Cookies, Cookie sandwiches and mixed treat boxes

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